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Adelaide experimental sensor technology to improve traffic c

Published on:2018-02-10 Share to:

According to a report in New Adelaide, Adelaide will experiment with new sensing technologies in the world to improve transportation. These sensors will be used for six days of traffic monitoring at the crossroads of the busiest Grenfell Street and Pulteney Streets Track the whereabouts of every car, bus, bike and even pedestrian.

The purpose of this technology is to reduce traffic congestion by improving the signal duration. Real-time data can be used to change traffic signals to suit the current road conditions.

Transport and infrastructure minister Stephen Mullighan said it would make the traffic lights at the intersections more suitable for the car and make it easier for people to travel.

Instead of using video technology, the sensor presents the passenger's path. They can distinguish between different types of road users and track them ten times per second. Placing six sensors near the intersection provides a 360-degree view of the area and establishes more complete monitoring through the intersection.

"It will be the future of the city, possessing this sensor and possessing this technology so that we can better understand the situation at the time," said Minister Mullighan. Kevin Bloch, chief technology officer at CISCO Systems Australia, said traffic accidents occur at a crossroads, so the technology will reduce such accidents.

Sensors will be removed on Saturday, but the state government said there could be other crossroads to use the technology if the trial is successful.

"We'll wait and see, in the coming weeks and months, what the study looks like," said Minister Mullighan.